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Senior Survey to be completed by all 2020 Tennessee Scholars 

Click here for  Tennessee Scholars Survey


Tennessee Scholars is completing its

26th Year of Success

Founded 1994 in East Tennessee as AIMS Scholars

2003 the name changed to Tennessee Scholars and

Tennessee/Virginia Scholars in East Tennessee.

Thousands of students have received this honor. 


A special Thank You and Recognition

The founder and only 25 year sponsor

“Eastman Chemical in Kingsport, TN” 


Tennessee Scholars

Adds Value to a Diploma!! 

What is Tennessee Scholars?

It is a workforce development, rewards and incentives HONOR for students who graduate high school with the required courses and additional expectations of attendance, discipline, and volunteer service. It is open to all students who qualify.

What are the benefits?

Tennessee Scholars requirements are the minimum requirements one needs to prepare for college and career. The benefits are scholarships to many Universities, job preferential hiring, recognition at graduation, obtaining the distinction of being a scholar that will be on your permanent record for the rest of your life.  Participating Universities on the website.

How do you become a Tennessee Scholar?

  • Apply through your school counselor
  • Complete all of the requirements for Tennessee Scholars
  • Counselor verifies information and sends information to State

Tennessee Scholars Supports Tennessee Promise

Tennessee Scholars is the preparation.

Tennessee Promise is the funding for tuition.


All documents can be downloaded at

For more information contact

Ruth Woodall, 

Executive  Director Tennessee Scholars


Tennessee Scholars


«  4 years of English

«  4 Years of Math (Bridge Math does not                      count as a 4th math. Sails math will count as 4th math. Integrated and capstone math will count)

«  3 Laboratory Sciences(Biology and Chemistry         are required as 2 of those sciences)

«  3 Years of Social Studies

«  2 Years of Foreign Language

«  1 Year of Fine Arts

«  Personal Finance as required by the                      State of Tennessee

«  Physical Education as required by the                State of Tennessee

«  2 Additional classes of your choice

«  No class can count more than once.

      Workforce Development Requirements

«  No Out of School Suspension

«  Maintain 95% attendance for 4 years

«  Maintain a C or above average in all classes.

«  Complete 80 hours or more volunteer                service hours to help your community.          These hours must be done before school or            after school and cannot be counted as a grade          or for for pay.