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 The graduation requirements for Tennessee Scholars  have been changed to meet the needs of our workforce and to help with the implementation of the new  Tennessee Diploma Path for graduation.  It is crucial that all students be given the chance to graduate as a Tennessee Scholar. The Tennessee Scholars 2014 and Beyond Graduation Requirementswill help you keep track of your progress.
To become a Tennessee Scholar students complete a demanding high school curriculum that emphasizes “on level” and above courses in mathematics, science, social studies, language arts (English and foreign language), and computer literacy. The program also stresses the importance of attendance  and dependability.
 The Tennessee Standard is based on the existing Tennessee Higher Education system which includes:
  • Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology , Community Colleges, the Board of Regents Universities and the University of Tennessee.
  • It also fully considers the manufacturing and service industries in Tennessee and the trainable workforce needed for continuing their operations or new industry.
  • This Tennessee Standard will allow students to pursue academic excellence to enter colleges, universities, or the technical workforce.

   All students must complete an application and give to the counselor Tennessee Scholars Checklist and volunteer form 2014

. Note: Download documents require Microsoft Word or Ms Word viewer.