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Counselors Information


Every High School Student should be given the chance to be a Tennessee Scholar


Tennessee Scholars Goal for 2015/16: To have Tennessee Scholars graduates from every school in Tennessee. It can only happen if you give your students the information. 

Tennessee Scholars Add Value to a Diploma

More jobs, more scholarships, more recognition, National Recognition, more parents, more rewards coming in 2016.  All we ask you is to make this available to your students, collect the verification forms and verify this information. Encourage students to complete the online senior application that will be available in January.


How to implement this program and get the message to the students and parents?

  1. Ask your webmaster to add the Tennessee Scholars logo to your website with a link to scholar’s website.  When students ask about the program send them to the website. There is a student section.
  2. Show video “Tennessee Scholars Do the Math” to all students. Tennessee Scholars Tennessee ScholarsDo The Math – YouTube   .
  3. Distribute copies of the application for them to return to you ASAP. Application for Tennessee Scholars
  4. Put the Tennessee Scholars path in your course of study.
  5. If you have an open house send me an invitation and I will try to attend.
  6. If you have other counselors that are new and want me to add them to my data base, have them email me their contact information.
  7. In the early spring have seniors return the Tennessee Scholars checklist to you for verification.
  8. Email me your numbers of scholars.
  9. Encourage seniors to complete the online survey in January-February.
  10. Please read all information that is sent during the year.  There is a lot of stuff going on in education and I will try to keep you informed.


Please send any updated counselor information to:  

Ruth Woodall, Executive Director of Tennessee Scholars     615-686-8883


1. Tennessee Scholars Checklist and volunteer form 2015

2. 2015 Benefits

3. Volunteer explanation for 2011

4.   Application for Tennessee Scholars

5. Tennnesee Scholars Certificate

6. Parent Support Agreement

7. BestPractices inTennesseeScholars-1

8. Tennessee-Scholars-Data-from-2004-to-Present

9. Facebook poster